Paphos airport


Paphos is the second main airport in Cyprus. It is located approximately 6.5 kilometers away from the like-named resort. Paphos accommodates civil flights with tourists mainly aimed to have their holidays in the popular western part of the country, such as Limassol, Coral Bay etc.

Today Paphos is a modern airport equipped with all the necessary stuff for the tourists. You can find cafes, bars, a bank, a duty free zone, souvenir shops etc. In 2008 a new terminal was opened. Currently Paphos is able to host up to 2 million tourists per year.

How to get from the airport to Paphos city

The most common question arising in a visitor’s head is how to reach the city from the airport. There are few options: There are several options:

  • Bus

There are regular passenger buses from the airport to Paphos city. The easiest way from here to get to the city of the same name is Paphos, which is located just 5 miles away. It is the most common way. The cost of the trip will be a few euros. In 30 minutes you will reach the city. Of course if you travel with small children and a lot of luggage with you, even this short ride by bus might turn out to be tiring for you. You can always use more comfortable options

  • Taxi

The lion parts of tourists prefer taxi over all. It is faster and more comfortable than any good quality bus. Besides, a taxi from the airport to Paphos will not cost you much. You don’t need to look for a bus stop, bus schedule and waste your time. A taxi parking is located within the airport territory. And if you speak english it will be quite suitable for you.

  • Transfer

This type of transportation becomes very popular nowadays. You can simply book your car in advance. The cost will be slightly different, but you will be relaxed knowing that it is already organised and you will be definitely happy with the service. Our taxi drivers speak russian and english. Our drivers are fluent in Russian, which means you will definitely feel comfortable, like at home.

How to get from the airport to Paphos city

Advantages of transfers with taxi Olymp

  • Huge experience and individual approach
  • A very big autopark which allows us to organise any wish from group transfer to the wedding cortege.
  • No need for upfront payment. You only pay us once the service is delivered to you.
  • You can order a taxi to the Paphos airport, from the airport to any destination across Cyprus in advance anywhere you are.
  • Affordable prices equal to normal prices for taxi services across the country.
  • Top class service and attentive drivers.
  • Big variety of services including personal escort for the whole period of stay in Cyprus
  • We are working not only with tourists but also with businessmen who came to Cyprus for business affairs.

How to order transfer from the Paphos airport from us

The system for placing orders in a taxi “Olympus” is as simple and clear as possible. We want to make our client’s lives easier. So we included all the possible ways to get in touch with us either by phone or by any messengers.

Please write the following information while making your order:

  • Date and time when you need transfer
  • Write to us on Viber, WattsApp or Telegram
  • Email taxi “Olympus”
  • Fill out the feedback form on the website

I would also like to note that our site is completely in Russian, and in general our company is focused on Russian-speaking tourists. By contacting us, you can be sure that you will speak with both managers and drivers in your native language, which, of course, is the main advantage of our company. Working with us is comfortable and pleasant.

When placing an application, you must also indicate the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Your contact number
  • Date and time of arrival
  • Flight name and number
  • The amount of the passengers (adults and children)
  • Final destination
Benefits of taxi transfers Olympus

Our prices

We’ve created a separate page on our website for your convenience where you can find rates for the transfers for main directions and all services. This will also allow you to compare the price from the airport to Paphos with other companies if you wish. We keep standard prices for these services and we guarantee high quality. We don’t ask for upfront payment, this excludes any fraud from the taxi service and guarantees your financial security.

The cost of travel




  • Price at night € 50
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