Cyprus is a unique island, a true pearl of the Mediterranean. First of all, Cyprus is a sea vacation, sun, sea and sand. Moreover, the island has a rich history. Tourists who come here to rest do not miss the opportunity to go around the brightest and most interesting places of the island. After all, many architectural structures, ancient cathedrals and temples have survived to this day.

Excursions in Cyprus are very popular with tourists from all over the world. However, not every Russian tourist knows English. We are focused on working with Russian-speaking tourists. All drivers and guides of the “Taxi Olimp” company are fluent in Russian.

Taxi Olimp company organizes both individual and group excursions. We have at our disposal a large car park with cars of various capacities. We will organize for you any excursion tour of your choice. You can choose a ready-made program or choose an individual one. If you are in doubt, we will always help and advise. An individual approach to a client is our main credo.

The advantages of our excursions over similar offers from tour operators

  • Individual approach to the client and the ability to organize an excursion tour for any group of people
  • More affordable prices
  • The time and date of the excursion is discussed individually with the client, while tour operators organize excursion tours according to their own schedule
  • Large selection of programs, each of which can be adjusted by the client
  • Unique service “Assemble yourself”, which allows the client to independently compose a program according to their preferences and wishes
Sights Nicosia

Ready excursion programs from taxi "Olimp"

“On vacation you need to rest.” This seemingly banal phrase reflects reality. For a tourist who comes mainly for 6-8 days to Cyprus, it is much more convenient to buy an excursion with a ready-made program. It is not always easy to plan excursions in advance. And in order to draw up an individual program, you need to know what to start from.

Our company offers a large selection of ready-made tours, formed as competently and thoughtfully as possible. Each program can be adjusted by the client at will. For example, if you have visited some of the places before, we can remove it from the list. If you want to visit a place along the way, we can also add it to your individual program. The main advantage of our sightseeing tours is their flexibility. We are independent of tour operators and agencies and always have the opportunity to meet the client.

Routes "Assemble yourself"

The main disadvantage of excursions from a tour operator is that their programs are always the same and monotonous. ” They cannot be changed at the request of the client, since these are almost always group tours on large buses. Such an algorithm is far from being relevant for everyone. After all, you may have already seen something, and something may simply not be of interest to you specifically. What to do in this case? Paying money for an imperfect program? We have a better option.

With Taxi Olimp you have a unique opportunity to create an individual excursion tour. This can be a trip for several people or a large group of people. We organize everything.

Just call or email us and we will help you create your own ideal excursion route, covering the places that you would like to see.

Payment for excursions in Cyprus. Prices

The “Taxi Olimp” company adheres to the average prices for tours in Cyprus. How much excursions cost on average from tour operators, you can always find out by looking at their prices on the Internet. Our prices are more favorable. Moreover, each program can always be tailored to your requirements. The cost of ready-made tours is fixed. If you have not found the cost of the tour you are interested in on the website, contact us and we will send you the current price list.

Even if you book the excursion in advance, there is no need to make a prepayment. “Taxi Olimp” values its customers. We want you to trust us. Payment is made only at a personal meeting after the trip.

Travel in comfort with the "Olimp" taxi

Cyprus is one of the most popular resorts in the world. It is famous not only for its clean beaches with gorgeous white sand and blue sea, but also for a wide variety of resorts for every taste. Nor will anyone argue that Cyprus really has something to see. It is an ancient Greek island. History awaits here at every corner. If you are still undecided what you would like to visit, taxi “Olimp” is at your service. We know exactly how to please you.

“Taxi Olimp” is not only a proven carrier for an affordable price. This is a guarantee of safety and 100% comfortable rest. We will organize for you any excursion program, group or individual. The best drivers and professional guides, fluent in Russian, are at your disposal.

The team of our company will try to do everything possible to make the island of Cyprus imprinted in your memory as the most hospitable and comfortable resort for travel.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us through the form on the website or in any other available way. “Taxi Olimp” is your reliable travel companion in Cyprus.

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