Cyprus in one day

The excursion program “Cyprus in one day” is an express tour of the most remarkable and interesting sights of the island. The program is rich and varied. The name of the tour speaks for itself. The program is suitable for tourists who want to see as much as possible within one excursion day. The program is rich, but not too tiring, suitable for tourists of all ages. The tour includes a lunch stop.

Kyrenia Flamingo

What the program includes

The starting point of the excursion will be the ancient city of Larnaca. Here tourists can stroll along the main promenade of Cyprus and enjoy the picturesque seascapes. . In the city we will visit the Church of St. Lazarus. Believers will be able to venerate his icon and the holy relics that are kept inside the temple. As part of a tour of Larnaca, tourists will see salt lakes, famous primarily for being a haven for pink flamingos in winter.

The capital of Cyprus Nicosia has a rich history. A walk around the city will begin with the Laiki Gitonia quarter, which is famous for its Venetian architecture. Venetian walls last along the entire perimeter of the old city and create a unique flavor. We will walk to the Famagusta Gate, a walled city famous not only for its architecture, but also for its ghostly area, where no one has lived for over 40 years. The final point in Nicosia will be the Archbishop’s Palace.

Macheras is one of the most ancient and important monasteries in Cyprus. Tourists will be able to see the architecture, listen to the history of the monastery and, of course, visit the church.

The village is known primarily for the Church of the Holy Cross, where a fragment of the very cross on which Jesus was crucified is kept. Lefkara is also famous for its embroiderers. The unique technique even received the name “Lefkaritika” and is included in the list of intangible heritage of “UNESKO”.

Cyprus is a very contrasting island. Its coast does not at all look like a mountainous part. Cedar and pine groves, mountain streams and waterfalls are the real treasures of the island. On observation platforms, tourists can enjoy the scenery and real beautiful nature.

In the village of Vavatsinya, it will be possible to make an optional stop, where tourists can dine and relax a little.

You will visit
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