Varosha quarter

  • How to get there: the closest way to get to Famagusta is from Ayia Napa, if you go from southern Cyprus
  • Working hours: around the clock
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

This is a mysterious place in Cyprus. An abandoned quarter in the southern part of Cyprus. Located in the city of Famagusta. At the end of the twentieth century, the area was a famous tourist destination. After the territory passed under Turkish control, the residents of the quarter began to rapidly leave their homes.

Since that time, it has been an abandoned territory. Varosha in Cyprus is under the occupation of the Turkish armed forces. Since 2019, the quarter has remained uninhabited and has been described as a ghost town. Now these are empty multi-storey buildings, where people are very rare.

Tourists Place

Everyone is attracted by the large abandoned concrete boxes where civilians used to work and live. The quarter continues to attract new visitors, despite the entry ban.

There is a beach near the abandoned city of Varosha. A lot of local people and tourists gather here. Much time has passed since the evacuation of the residents of the quarter. Nowadays, holiday lovers are not confused by large abandoned buildings next to a crowded beach.

From afar, abandoned houses resemble unfinished hotels. Perhaps they will. If you come closer to the buildings, the old type of building materials becomes obvious.


How to get?

At first it seems that you can walk from the beach to any corner of the quarter. But this is not so, because the territory is blocked by a large and thorny fence. Many are trying to climb over them. There are loopholes in some places. These are the very places where curious tourists make their way.

You can’t swim across the fence either. This has been taken care of. The iron bars go far out to sea. Even under water, they firmly rest against the depths of the sand. They say that this was done for the benefit of the population and visitors.


You won’t be able to look at the city of Varosha from close up. We’ll have to go against the rules and move deeper into the beach. They fenced off the territory for security purposes. It is better not to walk around the block where there are many old and non-residential buildings.

If you have a great desire to see Vorosh Famagusta in person, come to the coast. From here you can clearly see the sad picture of the old city. You can take multiple remote shots if the camera has a zoom.

Excursions from Varosha
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