Grand Tour Kykkos

You can have a great time in Cyprus at any time, the city has a huge number of attractions. Kykkos Monastery Cyprus – a few words that can make any traveler rejoice. Kykkos Monastery is the most famous and popular on the island.

History of the monastery

History of the monastery Kykkos was created at the end of the eleventh century. Has suffered destruction, burned The fire destroyed many valuables, but did not touch the icon of the Virgin Mary, it just miraculously remained intact. A large number of donations have always been made to the temple, in some way thanks to them, the monastery flourished, quickly recovered after the fire. Even now, they continue to make voluntary donations.


Where is the monastery located?

Located in the Troodos Mountains. Distance from:

    • Limassol – 79 km.
    • Paphos – 60 km.
    • Polis – 60 km.

How to get to the monastery?

If you decide how to get to the Kykkos monastery, then there are two ways:

  • The most popular one is to go on the excursion. You can order it before the trip or contact a travel agency on the spot.
  • The most pleasant thing is to travel by car – it is cheap, fast, and most importantly comfortable. You can simply rent a car.

The path to the monastery from the above places will take two hours if you do not make stops. Excursions Kykkos, the road needs to be planned to calculate everything to the smallest detail. The road is not very good, rather wide, there are many parking spaces.


Description of the monastery

Kykkos is considered the most important attraction in Cyprus. Any tourist must visit the monastery. Located in the mountains surrounded by beautiful nature with clean air.

The appearance of the monastery is quite modern. Inside, all the frescoes and mosaics are associated with a biblical story. Each image is made in a colored mosaic, from a distance it seems that they are painted, and not made of fragments of stones.

You can walk and enter every room, it is forbidden in those where the monks live. The entrance to the monastery is free. Also, there is a museum on the territory, entrance here will already cost money. There are many exhibits from the Byzantine era. There are trade stalls at the monastery. They sell souvenirs, honey, and monastery wine.


A trip to Kykkos will leave a pleasant mark in the memory of any tourist. Such beauty can rarely be found. The monastery will be immediately conquered by its history, as beautiful mosaics and frescoes attract at first sight. The most important thing is to plan the excursion program.

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