Аббатство Беллапаис​

Bellapais Abbey

  • How to get there: by bus on the route Nicosia – Kyrenia
  • Working hours:Daily: from 08:00 to 18:00.
  • Entrance fee:€ 2.5
  • Navigator tag:Google map

Bellapais Abbey – these are very colorful ruins of a whole monastic complex, which is located in North Cyprus. You can get to it in a variety of ways. Many people think that the most convenient way is to travel by car.

Аббатство Беллапаис​

What to see?

Of course, you can buy various souvenirs here. An entry ticket costs about three euros. Pivot arches and cypresses are considered the symbol of the building. There is a monastery on the territory, which possessed the strict lifestyle of monarchs The destruction of the building soon began. At the present time, the Cypriot authorities began to understand that it is the Bellapais Abbey in Cyprus that is an example of Gothic architecture.

In some buildings of the refectory of the monastery, they were even allowed to hold concerts. There is a village nearby, where you can walk pleasantly, buy souvenirs, taste sweets and other delicacies. The streets in the village are very narrow, and the car is very difficult to pass through here. The abbey has a wonderful restaurant with amazing sea views.

Bellapais Abbey
Excursions with Bellapais Abbey
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