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Larnaca is considered one of the largest cities in Cyprus, which has a huge amount of historical and cultural values. The city is located on the coast of Cyprus and is a real cultural center.

The promenade with large palm trees is very famous throughout the city, which can attract many tourists. On the coast of Cyprus, it is a real cultural center. One of the main cultural values of the city is the old church of St. Lazarus. It can be visited together with excursion from Larnaca.

You can live in the city, for different budgets, there are five-star hotels and the simplest hostels, the city has a convenient transport interchange, comfort is provided. The most modern international airport is located right next to the city. It was completely modernized.

There is also a large seaport, from which you can make a trip, by yacht, boat, rent is quite affordable, and the terms are unlimited. Excursions in Larnaca will be remembered for a long time, since there are few such beautiful places.

In Larnaca, you can safely spend a vacation with children, the sea is generally not deep and has a sandy bottom. Almost all hotels are located in the tourist area.

Basic data

In the city, every visitor can find a hobby. Here are just a huge number of memorable sea excursions. If you prefer a quiet and relaxing holiday, you can just relax on the beach, and lovers of noisy and bright parties can have a great time in nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Gourmet seafood dishes are often found on the menu. One of the most important advantages of Larnaca is not very high prices for housing and food. An incredible number of visitors come here every year. Excursions in Larnaca in Russianare no longer new, most tourists prefer this option

Climate, weather conditions

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, one can meet twenty to thirty cloudy days a year. If you just want to soak up the beach, it is better to go between May and October. The most beautiful nature becomes at the end of February, everything begins to bloom, a lot of bright colors appear on the streets of the city, the flowers acquire a very rich smell, which can easily make your head spin. During such a period, you can arrange group excursions from Larnaca.

Larnaca beaches

The sand on the beach is not white, but rather gray with mixed coquina. All beaches are particularly clean, safe, the same can be said about the water, which is completely transparent. Changing cabins are located on the beach, visitors receive sun loungers, and you can start practicing water sports.

The largest beach is Dhekelia. The most popular hotels of different price categories are located along the line.

Church of Saint Lazarus

Main attractions

The city boasts a huge number of beautiful places, you can book excursions to Cyprus from Larnaca, below you can see some of the most interesting places to visit:

Larnaca is not only the city of the most popular resorts, but also a large tourist center. There are many attractions here. The museum is located in the very center of the city, it contains a lot of artifacts that are directly related to the history of the city, a large number of valuable things from different eras are collected here.

Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque is a unique building to visit. This includes: mausoleum, minaret, monastery, hotel. Here you will find real Muslim traditions. Before visiting you need to know цены экскурсии Ларнаки.

The Museum of Natural History is worth visiting in the City Garden; lovers of wildlife will definitely appreciate it. There are samples of local animals, birds, reptiles, and many plants.

Recreation and entertainment

There are many diving centers in Larnaca, which is very unusual for a small town. Among them there are centers operating entirely in Russian. The largest is the Lucky Star amusement park, located on the outskirts of the city. It will be interesting for both adults and children. There are many attractions, a building for playing football, billiards, slot machines, go-karting.

In the City Park you can enjoy walking or cycling, there is a recreation area with benches and gazebos. And for children there is a small zoo with glasses and gazebos.

The main places of entertainment in the city:

  • Diving centers.
  • City Park.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Cafes, restaurants.
  • Night clubs.
  • Entertainment centers.
  • Courts.
  • Beaches.

The most popular means of transportation around the city is a simple bus, the ticket does not cost much, only night flights are more expensive. To save money, you can immediately buy a ticket for the whole day, only such tickets do not apply to night trips.


Larnaca will be a pleasant discovery for any tourist, if you want to relax with a big friendly family then you can safely go here. Even fans of active recreation can have a great time exploring the city with the help of walks, excursions, the most important thing here is always fun. Also you can visit individual excursions in Cyprus from Larnaca.

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