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Limassol excursions

Limassol is a very large city, it has a large area and population. Many tourists from all over the world come here every year. Most people do not just want to lie on the beach, but also to learn a lot of useful information about the island itself. The best way is to take excursions from Limassol. excursions from Limassol.

The most popular excursions in Limassol:

The heart of Troodos, for such an excursion a group of 20 people should be recruited, group excursions from Limassol are generally considered very popular. Маршрут построен на остановках возле очень красивых храмов, маленьких деревень. You can also drive through the highest point of the island, Mount Olympus. During the trip, you will need to visit two chapels:

  • Kykkos Monastery – it contains the icon of the Mother of God. There is a museum near the temple, which houses the most valuable exhibits that tell about the history of Cyprus and Christianity on the island.
  • Church of the Holy Life-Giving Cross – has a unique silver iconostasis. The lower part of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified is preserved here.

The excursion plan includes a visit to two villages – Lefkara and Omodos. Here they buy beautiful silver jewelry, taste and buy wine from local grape varieties. The destination is the heart of Troodos, the beach where Aphrodite emerged from the foam. The whole excursion takes 8 hours in total.

Visits to the places of Aphrodite

Following the footsteps of Aphrodite is a walk for connoisseurs of the history and peculiarities of the mythology of Ancient Greece. You can go to the places where the goddess was born, bathed with her chosen ones. It is also recommended to go to local temples. Shrines provide an opportunity to pray for love and family.

You can swim in the place of the bays. Here they are looking for a stone in the shape of a heart to soon meet their love. There is a museum right next to the temple of the goddess, where many antique frescoes and mosaics are kept. The walk takes 8 hours, it is only recommended to ride without children.

Features of the island state

Real Cyprus is a walk that consists of visiting shrines and the most popular souvenir markets on the entire island. The trip begins from the monastery of St. Thekla, where healing clay is mined from the ground, it can help and heal a person from various diseases of the eyes and skin.

Further along the route, Machines is a men’s abode where the icon of the Mother of God is kept. The monastery was built over 800 years ago. Then the Konya Mountains, where you can see the most beautiful landscapes. You can dine in the village of Vavatsinia, there are a lot of dishes from the national cuisine on the menu, for every taste. Before returning to Limassol, you can visit two more small villages:

  • Lefkaru is popular for its lace and silver.
  • Scanaru is an exhibition of a wide variety of olives and their oils.

Peculiarities of a trip to the local mountains

A trip to the mountains is a very popular excursion. It all starts with the Plata, and ends with the ascent to Olympus. On the way, you can turn into the following villages:

  • Alassa – one of the largest dams on the island was built here.
  • Lania – samples of traditional architecture of Cyprus are kept here.
  • Trimiklini – the area has many beautiful and memorable gardens with fruit and flowers.
  • Sanitas is located at an altitude of 600 meters, from which you can see the most beautiful places in Cyprus.

Individual trips

Basically, all trips take place in groups.Individual excursions in Cyprus from Limassolare more in demand among young people or couples who want to walk on the sea, on a yacht or watch the sunset in a very elegant place.The trip can be arranged directly at the travel agency.

The cost of excursions

The price depends a lot on the city and the route. If you are traveling in a group, the cost will cost Euro 30 – 100. The price of an individual trip will be higher.

What additional costs can you expect?

The excursion price never includes:

  • Lunch breaks.
  • Museum tickets.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Belongings to take with you on the excursion

To travel, you should always have:

  • Camera.
  • Cap.
  • Modest clothing and a skirt if you are planning to visit a temple or other shrine.
  • Belongings for swimming in the sea.
  • Water.


Having planned a trip to Limassol, you need to visitexcursions from Limassol.. Any excursion will always leave a pleasant mark on the life of any person. Upon arrival home, a person will review the pictures and dream of returning there again.

Many people think that the excursion costs a lot. . But you can choose an individual program. This can save you personal money and have a good time. You shouldn’t skimp on visiting unique attractions. This will be remembered for a long time.,

You can visit one place, and there will be a lot of vivid impressions, perhaps they will be the brightest in a lifetime By the way, a person can come up with an excursion program on their right in a travel agency.

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