Горные деревушки Кипра

Mountain villages of Cyprus

Who is the excursion for?

Excursion tour “Mountain villages of Cyprus” will allow you to plunge into the world of village life in the Middle Ages And although many of the villages are real settlements where people live, they have long become real open-air museums. Both architecture and color have been preserved here.

Mountain settlements have always been distinguished by their special flavor. You always feel especially free here. Stunning mountain landscapes, fresh air and history waiting at every turn – all this awaits you in the program prepared by our guides.

Since the tour involves movement in the mountains, clothing and footwear should be comfortable.

Горные деревушки Кипра

What will you see

  • Lania village

An amazing village, which is often also called the “village of artists”. It has long been a haven for painters and attracted them here thanks to its incomparable mountain landscapes.

  • Kakopetria

The village is located at over 600 meters above sea level. Fruit trees and grapes are grown here. Next, there will be a stop at the top of Mount Olympus, where tourists can enjoy the magnificent scenery from the viewing platforms.

  • Pano Platres

The village is famous for its waterfalls. The choice of the tourist group will be able to visit one of them. After visiting the waterfall, we will stop by the village itself. It is the oldest in Cyprus and has long been considered a resting place for kings and poets.

  • Winery Commandaria

Cyprus is famous for its wines. Winemaking has been developed here since the days of Ancient Greece. We will make a stop at one of the most famous wineries on the island, where tourists can taste famous wines and purchase, if they wish, for themselves or as a gift to loved ones.

  • Omodos village

Omodos is famous for its grape varieties and, of course, wine. The main attraction of the village is the monastery of the Holy Cross. The relics of 26 saints and part of the Life-giving Cross are kept here.

Горные деревушки Кипра
You visit
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