Деревня Героскипу

Geroskipou village

  • How to get there: by buses No. 601, 611, 631, 632, 633, 634, 636, 612, 613, 630 to several stops in Geroskipou
  • Opening hours:round the clock and all year round
  • Entrance fee:free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

Geroskipou village Is a resort village, very popular among tourists, as a center for national sweets. There are many shops or simple stalls along the road that sell lovely Rahat Delight. This delicacy is already known even outside Cyprus. It is always eaten during holidays, and then bought as gifts for family and friends.


Absolutely all local residents are real professionals in the preparation of delicious sweets. The recipe by which Turkish delight is prepared has been known for over 100 years. It is made from the most natural ingredients. The five-domed basilica of Paraskeva Friday is located here. A folk art museum is located next to the churches.

Every tourist is simply obliged to visit the area. Here you can have a great time, and most importantly, enjoy the wonderful taste of Turkish delight, which can impress anyone with its taste. And also in the village of Geroskipou in Cyprus the beach is located. On it, tourists have a great time and relax on the white sand. Sun loungers are available for rent on the beach. And in the village itself you can have a good rest with the whole family, together with the child.

Excursions with the village of Geroskipou
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