Finikoudes promenade

Finikoudes promenade

  • How to get there: Finikoudes Bus Stop, No. 413, 425, 427, 429, 443, 445; intercity flights – from Farmagusta, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos
  • Opening hours: around the clock and all year round (You can rent equipment from 09:00 to 18:00)
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

Finikoudes promenade is one of the most favorite tourist destinations. The popularity of the attraction is based on beautiful landscapes. Date palms grow on it, thanks to them, it got its name. The main attraction of the area is the monument to the famous philosopher Zenon Kitionoskop.


There are always a lot of people on the outskirts. Here, right from the pier, you can go on boat trips, and along the entire street there are various:

  • restaurants;
  • attractions;
  • souvenir shops.

Also street musicians perform here regularly. And when the holiday season comes, whole festivals are organized here. They all take place in nature. There is a beautiful beach along the coast; it is considered one of the cleanest places. The area is covered with fine and pleasant sand, and the water is very clear and perfect for swimming. There are also restaurants on the beach.

The promenade and the beach of Finikoudes will be a wonderful discovery for tourists who like to splash in the sea, and most importantly have a good rest, and most importantly have a great time with the whole family.

Excursions from Finikoudes promenade
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