Personal driver in Cyprus

In Cyprus

The main and only type of public transportation in Cyprus is buses. For the tourist who comes to relax and get away from the town rush or for a business person who comes for serious business affairs is not an option at all. Many tourists prefer taxis, but the language barrier sometimes becomes a stumbling block. What to do in this case? Of course, order a transfer using the services of a taxi “Olimp”.

Our services

Taxi “Olimp” offers all the variety of services:

  • Transfers from the airport to any destination across Cyprus
  • Transportation for long distance and inside the city
  • Personal driver
  • Wedding cortege
  • Group transportation
  • Excursions

You can find more details about each service in the appropriate section of our web-site, or you can simply contact us by any messenger or phone as you wish.

Personal driver service

Personal driver option

In comparison with an ordinary taxi this service allows you to have a car and your driver for a few hours or even the whole day. Depending on your needs you can choose the type and class of the car and discuss the route in advance. Our drivers perfectly know the roads, besides every car is equipped with GPS, which is a guarantee that you will arrive at any point of the island right in time.

  • For business

The schedule of businessmen is always fully booked and every minute is valuable. It is not easy to plan your schedule in a new unfamiliar country. You don’t have any guarantee with random taxi drivers that they will arrive on agreed time, besides not all of them know the roads very well. We really recommend you to have a personal driver in hand. The roads in the peak seasons are highly overloaded. Our company has a permit to move along the lane for public transport, which means that you will be delivered to your destination as quickly as possible.

  • Multi Trips

Personal driver service will be the perfect option for you if you decide to visit a few places in one day. This will save your time a lot. You won’t need to call a taxi company a few times and you can focus on your trip. This saves you the hassle of calling taxi services and allows you to plan your excursions in advance. In addition, traveling with a personal driver will make you feel comfortable. All our drivers are fluent in Russian, which means you shouldn’t worry if you don’t know English.

Our advantages

  • We meet you with the named sign right in the airport as close to the customs area as possible Huge autopark including cars of different size and class
  • We have a permission to take the public transportation line in order to deliver you faster, not every taxi service has such a permission
  • Our drivers speak Russian
  • Unlike many competitors, we have a public transport lane permit
  • All our drivers have enormous experience of work, best knowledge of the roads, all the cars are equipped with GPS devices.
  • We provide all types of transport services: from a regular taxi around the city to excursions and wedding corteges.
How to make an order in a taxi

How to make an order in a taxi "Olimp"

You can choose any option you want:

  • Fill the form on our web-site and we will call you back
  • Call us by phone
  • Tex us on Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Send us an email

We strongly recommend to order far distance trips, Personal driver service and transfers from the airport in advance. While making the order please provide your personal details such as name, surname, contact number, amount of the passengers, date and time of arrival.

Prices and payments

All the prices for transfers and other services are available on our web-site at your convenience. If you have any questions about the prices or other details please contact us directly.

The payment should be provided in cash directly to the driver on the place.

The cost of travel




  • Price at night € 50
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