Бухта/пляж Афродиты

Bay / beach of Aphrodite

  • How to get there: To get to the bay of Aphrodite, you need to follow the B6 highway. If you are coming from the Paphos side, you can get on the B6 highway by exiting the A1 highway near the village of Kouklia. And if you are heading from Limassol, then the B6 highway can be reached in the Pissouri area.
  • Opening hours: round the clock and all year round
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

The bay / beach of Aphrodite in Cyprus is a mysterious and romantic place of the island nation. It is closely related to the ancient myths of mysterious Greece. This is where the origins of the name and the historical past come from.

Historical facts

According to many historical sources, a beautiful goddess came ashore in this bay. Because of this legend, a number of people wishing to visit the vicinity of the large beach arose. Here you can meet not only tourists. Young couples often come here to have the most romantic wedding. Such pleasure costs a lot, but the impressions remain.

Бухта/пляж Афродиты

Features of a fascinating area

This is not just the bay of Aphrodite, but the whole bay. You will come across picturesque landscapes and natural unique plants. Large boulders of various shapes grow along the coast. One of them was named the Rock of the Goddess of Beauty – Petra tou Romiu.

According to many legends, the mountain became the birthplace of the goddess. The beach itself is covered with sand; smooth stones are less common. You can safely walk barefoot and not worry about your feet.

There is little infrastructure along the coast. You will not find a large number of cafes, restaurants and other establishments. Hotels and residential buildings are also rare. This allows you to stay alone with nature and take its charm for yourself.

There is a parking lot next to the bay. You can safely leave your cars if you have arrived with your own vehicle. There are also several grocery and souvenir shops. Everything around is clean and tidy. This reflects the essence of the goddess of beauty, and greatly attracts tourists to visit the area.

Best time to visit: travel planning

It is better to come to the vicinity of the bay in the early morning or afternoon. You can come until the evening. Be sure to bring drinking water and food with you. So you can spend more time in beautiful nature and not get hungry. You can buy everything in the store. But it will be much more expensive.

Make sure you have comfortable shoes. You will have to walk a lot on rocks and slopes. This way you will get tired less and be able to walk around the territory for longer. And also take things for the beach. In the surroundings, you can lay down a blanket and lie on the hot sand. And be sure to put a camera in your travel bag. All landscapes need to be captured.

Are there excursions to Paphos and Aphrodite?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to come here with a guide directly. It is better to choose options where this point is included in a trip around the island. This way you can visit several fascinating places at once. This is a great option for a vacation alone and with a large friendly family.

You can also collect your company from friends. It’s much more fun to spend time together. You will also forget about worrying about the trip. The company will quickly resolve organizational issues. So you can spend the whole day in the vicinity of beautiful and romantic nature.

Бухта/пляж Афродиты


Young couples, groups of friends and family come here. The unique beauty and nature will captivate every tourist. You will be able to see the beautiful sea, beaches and unforgettable rocks. Definitely add the bay to your list of places to visit.

Excursions from the bay of Aphrodite
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