Церковь Святого Николая

The religious side of the island nation

When visiting the Cyprus island, be sure to look into several churches. More than thirty sacred places and religious sites are located on the territory of the island state. Now we will tell you about the most memorable places in the country and the possibilities of visiting them.

List of places to visit

Церковь Киприана и Иустина​

How to get there?

To visit one of the above memorial sites, it is better to participate in the excursion. This way you can be sure that you will reach your destination and will not get lost in an unfamiliar country. You will be presented with a full story about the history of the memorable place and its features. Tours of Orthodox Cyprus will be interesting for listening to tourists of any age category.

When is the best time to visit?

Cyprus church can be viewed all year round. The visit does not depend on weather conditions or the time of the year. The cost of the event will depend on the chosen religious site. Certainly, Cyprus pilgrimage excursions are worth your attention when interrupting in this country.

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