Церковь Хрисоспилиотисса​

Church of Chrysospiliotissa

  • How to get there: you can get there by car or hitchhiking. The building is located 11 kilometers near the city of Nicosia
  • Working hours: from 9:00 to 17:00 (June-October) and from 9:00 to 16:00 (November-May), lunch from 12-00 to 15-00
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

Церковь Хрисоспилиотисса Chrysopolitissa Church is a unique architectural structure inside a cave. You can get there by the equipped stairs. This is one of the earliest buildings of Christianity in Nicosia. Nearby you can visit a small village located next to the church – Kato Deftera.

There is a legend among the population that its inhabitants have seen a mysterious light in the mountains many times. To find out the natural explanation for the phenomenon, many went on small expeditions. So the villagers found a cave in the rock. There lay the image of the Virgin Mary, which exuded a bright light.

This cave is equipped with three rooms that are connected by corridors. The largest of these is the church. On its walls there are preserved fragments of frescoes that date back to the 13-15th century.

To see all the historical monuments with your own eyes, we recommend visiting the Church of Our Lady of Chrysospiliotissa.. It is better to go there on an excursion so that you will be told in detail about the history of the creation of a unique attraction.

Excursions with Chrysospiliotissa Church
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