Church of Cyprian and Justin

Church of Cyprian and Justin

  • How to get there: can be reached by car in the direction of Nicosia from Limassol. Further from Menkino 15 minutes drive to the village
  • Opening hours: from 8:00 to 13:00 a service and communion are held, from 13:00 to 16:00 siesta time, from 16:00 to 18:00 worship of the holy relics
  • Entrance fee: free admission
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Stories about holy martyrs have existed for a very long time. They lived during the time of the Roman emperor Decius. As a child, the parents of the future famous philosopher and magician Cyprian consecrated the child in a pagan service, not far from Mount Olympus. At the same time, the daughter of Edesias Justin, a pagan priest, was growing up. The girl converted to Christianity and converted the faith of her family.

Their faith was banned and the martyrs were sentenced to death. For six days, their bodies lay unburied. Such bodies were taken to Rome, where they buried the holy martyrs. In honor of their exploits, the present church of Cyprian and Justina was erected.

The temple of Cyprian and Justin differs from other shrines by its architectural features. The walls of the building were built of stone, which has retained its strength and former grandeur to this day. The cross section of the building is represented by a cross shape. The visual height of the church of Cyprian and Justin is provided by high walls.

According to legend, a landmark appeared thanks to the king of Cyprus. In the 14th century, he was healed of a terrible disease with the help of the veneration of the holy relics. After that, he issued an order to thank for his salvation and build a small church of Cyprian and Justina.

The modern building is different from the historical architectural building. The north side-altar was built on the ruins of an old church and keeps its remains. Inside, you will definitely see the image of the Saint in the large wall fresco. The martyr’s right hand holds a staff, praying for knowledge of their public execution.

Each visitor can quench his thirst from the equipped source of life-giving water. Underground pipes brought the source from the outside of the building into the very premises of the church. It is difficult not to admire the iconostasis, which is covered with ancient, sacred icons from the parishioners.

Having visited the building, you will definitely want to know the historical facts and features of the building. In order not to look for information on the Internet, we recommend that you come to the church with a guided tour. You will be told and shown everything, making your visit memorable and interesting.

Excursions with the Church of Cyprian and Justin
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