Cyprus beaches

Cyprus beaches are a real paradise for tourists

There are many beaches on the territory of the small island. All of them are unique in natural features, landscapes, inhabitants and local flavor. If you decide to visit the wonderful island of Cyprus, then the beaches are a must-see. Add them to your visit list. Now we will tell you what the most beautiful bathing places are on the island state and what you need to know about them.

The best Cyprus places by the sea

It is definitely worth highlighting the following beaches in Cyprus to visit:

The above areas are unique in their own way. These are large deposits of sand on the shore of the warm sea. There are many different entertainment establishments around. You can always stay in coastal hotels. They differ in prices and their location. This will allow you to choose the most suitable option for your vacation.

Now we will tell you about the features of the beaches in more detail.

Nissi Beach

This is another free seating area. Included in the list of the best beaches in Cyprus. The water here is clear and has a shade of turquoise, which attracts lovers of beautiful photographs. The area has been awarded an international prize – “Blue Flag”. It is issued for maintaining cleanliness on the coast and as a sign of clean water.

The beach itself is located in the small town of Ayia Napa. Here you can find many different hotels with comfortable living conditions. In addition to the usual rooms, they offer the delivery of villas. There will be real royal conditions for living, which pleases tourists with a large income.

Fig Tree Bay Beach is included in the list of the best places in the world, which are distinguished by real comfortable resort conditions. Already now it occupies an honorable 19th place among hundreds of similar places. The popularity of this beach is based on the beautiful and comfortable coastline. There is a shallow swimming area and very soft and clean sand.

An interesting name came from the previously growing trees in this area – fig trees. This is a unique plant on which exotic figs grow. One of the most popular delicacies in Cyprus.

The beauty of the beach is created by the services of the municipality of the resort town of Protaras. This is a real example and a model for similar places in other countries and islands. Here you will find active work of community organizations that study the satisfaction of beach visitors.

Baths of Aphrodite Cyprus is the most popular destination for tourists in the island nation. Here you will find amazing and scenic views. Due to the beauty of the area, the area is called the great goddess.

Here you will encounter a loving, romantic and gentle environment. The atmosphere bewitches every tourist who dares to visit this region. This all conveys the real essence of Aphrodite.

In addition to many amazing plants, you can see beautiful waterfalls. Crystal water flows from the rocks themselves, which is not scary to drink. Tourists often swim here, and the photos are magical.

Why go to the beach and how to choose the best one?

The above areas and coasts are distinguished by their unique features. They are all the best and it will be difficult to find the perfect one. To do this, pay attention to several points when choosing, namely:

  • beach location;
  • the presence of establishments to have a bite to eat and relax;
  • availability of hotels to live near the exit to the sea;
  • the possibility of visiting excursions to the nearest attractions of the island state.

These points will help you quickly determine the best place for your vacation. Чистота, крCleanliness, beautiful landscapes and warm sea are the main features of all beaches in Cyprus. For this, tourists fell in love with the mysterious and unique Cyprus and its attractions.

Cyprus beaches


The sandy beaches of Cyprus are the perfect place for relaxation and solitude with nature. Warm sand and seas will transform your holiday into a real paradise. So you can have a wonderful time and replenish your treasury of impressions from visiting the beautiful island nation.

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