Макронисос Бич

Makronisos Beach

  • How to get there: located 5 km from the center of the resort, can be reached by any transport
  • Opening hours: long season: May – October
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag:Google map

Makronisos Beach, is one of the best beaches in Cyprus. This coastline combines as many as three resort areas. The main one is a large wide strip, the sand is very fine, but pleasant to the touch. Archaeological excavations are located nearby. You can visit them free of charge and walk around the territory. The main thing is to buy reliable shoes. The territory is strewn with sharp stones.

Advantages and features of the beach

  • the color of the sand may vary depending on the lighting;
  • coastline of extraordinary beauty;
  • depth is gained gradually;
  • here it is not crowded and not as noisy as on other coasts;
  • availability of hotels;
  • the possibility of renting not expensive housing;
  • car parking is free.

Makronisos Beach is an ideal place for family holidays. There are not many people on the territory, the child will be able to bathe in plenty, and the parents will have a rest. In addition, you can live right next to the beach and you don’t have to go far. This is an important factor in having a baby. Thus, he will get tired of him and enjoy the walk.

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