Деревня Какопетрия

Kakopetria village

  • How to get there: the village is located 60 kilometers south-west of the capital of Cyprus and 50 kilometers north-west of Limassol
  • Working hours: around the clock
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

The very name of the village of Kakopetria Cyprus generates interest in its area. When tourists ask about the correct accent of the locals, they always smile. Guessing the correct answer is harder than it seemed. The stress falls on “I”. The territory got its name because of the stone. Petra is the name of the stone in Greek.

Many people call Kakaopetria “the village of bad stone”. Why bad? This is described in local legends. This is another reason why it is worth visiting the surroundings of a small village. You will surely be told amazing historical facts about the correct pronunciation and the mysterious stone.

Деревня Какопетрия

Fascination of travel

To look at the village from a bird’s eye view, it is enough to climb into a special place. It is called old. Here you can see a beautiful view of all residential buildings and narrow streets of the area.

There are two small rivers on the territory. They receive special attention at home. They are distinguished by their unusual architecture. Each building merges with the neighboring one. The streets here are very narrow, which saves space. The roofs of the houses touch each other. You can even walk on them and not be afraid to fall.

In addition to compactness, the roofs themselves are distinguished. They are made of roof tiles and have a gable type. They are attached to wooden beams. Each building has a wooden balcony. Residents place small tables and chairs on it so that they can drink chow or read a book.

Деревня Какопетрия

For sure visit the village

It is worth coming here because of the special local flavor. All residents know each other by sight. They are like a big and friendly family. We have grown up together and we will grow old together. Come and listen to the fascinating stories of the local people, they will surprise you.

Excursions with the village of Kakopetria
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