Водопад Милломерис

Millomeris waterfall

  • How to get there: by road: taxis and buses
  • Opening hours: round the clock and all year round
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

Millomeris Falls is the most magical and largest natural point in Cyprus. Fifteen meters high. The name in translation means – a damp place It is best to go to the waterfall in winter or early spring. During this period, the rivers are very full-flowing, and the “water mountain” can overwhelm with its power. It does not dry out even in hot weather, the flow power simply decreases.

Водопад Милломерис

Getting to attraction destination

By car. The trip by car will take about an hour. The road is easy, only at the end there are a few sharp turns. Traveling by car will significantly save time as opposed to walking. There is a parking lot, just keep in mind that it is quite small, so it is better to leave the car at the destination.

  • By bus. He travels exclusively from one point – Limassol, he travels daily. The cost of the bus in both directions is ten euros.
  • During the excursion. There are no individual excursions to the waterfall. You can sign up for excursions around the island.
  • By taxi. Differs in greater cost.

It is simply impossible to visit Cyprus and not see the waterfall. This is a unique natural beauty that will remain in the memory of the trip for a long time. Add Millomeris Cyprus to your visit list.

Водопад Милломерис
Excursions with Millomeris waterfall
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