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Cyprus monasteries: what to visit with a tour?

The holy monasteries of Cyprus are religious communities of monks or nuns. A unified charter is relevant here and a regular, comprehensive worship service is held. Now on the territory of the island state you can find a lot of attractions that are really worth your attention. Now we will tell you what will be interesting to visit in the country and how to save money on the trip.

Which places are worth visiting first of all?

The first step is to do the planning. Plan your travel schedule. There are so many beautiful places here that without clear planning, you will miss out on interesting structures. We recommend adding the following monasteries and temples of Cyprus to your list:

Uniqueness and unusualness of buildings

The question immediately arises about the relevance of such buildings as the initial objects to visit. Here the answer is obvious. All of the above places are distinguished by their centuries-old history. This will certainly be told during the excursion.

Apart from the historical aspect, the buildings are unique in their architecture. Modern construction does not use such textures, materials and images as in these buildings. These are the shades of our history. They will remain in your memory for a long time after the visit.


Why is it better to go with an excursion, and not on your own?

The first trip to the monasteries and temples of Cyprus is always difficult. Be sure to take your fellow travelers with you, or better the whole excursion team. This way you can make new acquaintances and be confident that everything will go according to plan.

When traveling on your own, you may go off course, get lost, or simply not reach your destination. You can forget about these nuances with a small team of like-minded people – traveling with an excursion.

Organizational issues are not the last advantage of this type of travel. You will be provided with an experienced specialist in history and architecture. He will be able to answer in detail all the nuances and advise on what he saw. You don’t have to find information on the Internet yourself. It’s so easy to fall for lies. It is better to trust and listen to stories in reality from an experienced connoisseur of the sights of the island state.

Life hacks for saving money on travel

If you decide to visit the shrines of Cyprus with a guided tour, we recommend a few simple tips to save your money:

  • Better to get to your destination by low-cost public buses. This way you can save money on a taxi or other personal transport.
  • Traveling with an excursion allows you to save on the purchase of souvenirs. Many places offer discounts for large companies.
  • When choosing a tour guide, look out for less popular historians. As a rule, they do not differ in the worst service from expensive and popular excursions.

Brief conclusions for the tourist

The island nation has many unique historical buildings that are really worth a visit. We have listed a smaller proportion of them. It is also worth visiting churches, beaches, castles and entire villages.

It is worth coming here for a few days in order to have time to visit all the interesting places that you have added to the list of your trip. Do not forget that it is best to travel with an excursion, where you will be shown and told everything that has long interested you in the history of fascinating Cyprus.

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