Монастырь Троодитисса

Trooditissa monastery

  • How to get there: From Limassol – take the B8 up the mountain range to the “Psilo Dendro” trout farm
  • Working hours: from June to October: 10:00 – 18:00; from November to May: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

The Monastery of the Virgin of Trooditissa is a male religious community. The building is located 1400 meters up and is considered one of the highest in location on the island state. If you literally translate the name of the attraction, it will be “living in the Troodos mountains”.

Historical facts

The era of iconoclasm is the time when small Cyprus became home to many saints. Icon-worshipers were expelled from all over the world and tried to destroy their activities. One of these wanderers was Troodos. He managed to take from Constantinople a work with the image of the Mother of God. And in 762 he found peace on the island.

He settled in a cave that is now named after his name. For many years he lived within the cave and died as a hermit. But the lamp lit at night remained burning after his death. In memory of the deceased monk, this fire was kept by hunters, shepherds and inhabitants of the local lands.

Trooditissa Monastery Cyprus – This is a unique structure with a long history. It is worth coming here with an excursion. You will be told even more historical factors. So you can see the legendary architectural structure in reality.

Excursions with Trooditissa Monastery
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