The city of Kourion

  • How to get there: from Limassol from the stop “Old Hospital” there is a direct bus number 16 and number 16 B. Travel time – 45 minutes
  • Working hours: from September 16 to April 15: 08.15 – 17.15 from April 16 to September 15: 08.15 – 19.45
  • Entrance fee: 4, 50 euros
  • Navigator tag: Google map

Kourion in Cyprus is the most well-preserved city and is a must-see if a person comes to Cyprus. The famous amphitheater, which was built several centuries ago, is located here. Since the time of construction, they were simply destroyed by an earthquake that occurred in 365 BC.

The ancient city of Kourion is located on a hill, it offers an excellent view of the sea, the view is simply mesmerizing. It works every day from morning to evening, the only days off are holidays. To walk around the area, you will need to pay 4.50 euros, and there is also free parking on site. You can get to the city by bus or personal transport.


Near the ancient city of Kourion is the Kolossi Castle – this is the most significant castle in Cyprus, and there is also a beach nearby. Further there is the settlement of Pissouri, which is popular with tourists. There is a nice beach, restaurants and other infrastructure. Here you can rest, eat or swim in the sea. Behind the village are the Rocks of Aphrodite. In summer, many tourists come here.



or many centuries of its existence, it was often destroyed by wars. he very first time it was found during excavations in 1873, then the excavations were illegal. Excavations continue now, and everything that is found and displayed in the Bishop’s Museum.

On the ruins there is the only stadium that has survived in Cyprus, many claim to have hosted battles, horse races and races. Also nearby are the ruins of the temple of Apollo Gilat.

The city of Kourion is a wonderful place in terms of history. If you are planning a trip to Cyprus, then visiting the ruins of Kourion is a must. Of course it is better to go in winter and spring, at this time the flow of tourists is reduced. So you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and mysterious atmosphere with the local population.

The area is not suitable for traveling with children. Such a journey will be relevant to those who are interested in history. And also for tourists who like to take beautiful photos. Visitors will be able to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a large village. Best to come with a guided tour. So you will find out all the information about the area.

Excursions with the city of Kourion
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