Troodos excursions: mountains, monastery, village

The most important thing that a person should do during a trip to Cyprus is to plan his leisure time correctly, for example, to go on an excursion to the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus. The Troodos excursion will be as informative as possible. The mountains are located in the southern part of Cyprus, going there means getting into a unique world. The mountains are densely covered with pines and various vegetation. There are more than 70 types of a wide variety of plants. Cyprus Troodos are the words most often heard from travel enthusiasts.

The most beautiful places


  • Doros village – located in the foothills of Troodos Cyprus. Famous for its legendary vineyards, it occupies one of the leading places in winemaking on the island. You can taste a unique, varied variety of wine.
  • Mutulus Village is a very beautiful Cyprus village in the mountains. There are very beautiful old houses, churches, and most importantly mineral springs. The water from these springs is very valuable for the inhabitants of the island.
  • Kalopanayiotis village is a very beautiful village. Very nice houses and hotels are located here. Here you can hide from the unbearable heat.

Springs, waterfalls, parks:

  • Millomeris Falls is the highest, most beautiful waterfall in Cyprus. You will have to go to the waterfall through a mountain river, the water is cool and you can swim in the heat.
  • Ophiolite Geological Park is the largest ophiolite outcrop complex in the world. Ophiolites are the oldest oceanic crust that rose above the continent. It includes basalts and igneous rocks.
  • Mountain Juniper Reserve is a reserve with the rarest plant species. It is here that there is a juniper, which can only be found in Cyprus and nowhere else.
  • Relict giant pines – located in mountain forests, their age is over 500 years.
  • Hydrogen sulfide springs are known all over the world since ancient times. Help during skin diseases, rheumatism, stomach diseases.

The mountains:

Artemis hiking trail – the trail has an extraordinary beauty. The route itself is very simple, there are no differences in height, you can walk with your children, it does not require any sports training. The trail is completely closed from the sun by pine and cedar trees, from which you can see the Troodos mountains.

Summit Olympus is the highest point in Cyprus. You can go to the observation deck and see the Mesaoria valley. The summit is considered completely closed from tourists.

Monastery, hotel:

Berengaria is an abandoned hotel shrouded in mysteries and secrets. The first hotel in Cyprus to receive 5 stars. The most expensive and famous in the whole world. Presidents and the richest people in the world have stayed here.

The Monastery of St. John Lampadista is considered one of the most beautiful sights. Included in UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. There are very unique ancient frescoes inside the temple. There is a museum of icons next to the monastery.


A tour of Troodos will be remembered for many years, even travel lovers will be surprised by the extraordinary beauty and historical finds. Here you can get a lot of pleasant emotions, learn more about the history of Cyprus.

Excursions from Troodos
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