Olympus (Olympos) Cyprus

  • How to get there: Limassol, stop “Old Hospital”, bus route No. 60 and No. 61
  • Working hours: around the clock
  • Entrance fee: free admission
  • Navigator tag: Google map

Mount Olympus in Cyprus is considered the highest point of the island. They visit Olympus in the summer. This opens up a very beautiful view, and it becomes more comfortable to walk. Excursions to the mountain are carried out very often, and there are already several paths on the mountain that have been trodden by tourists. There are several observation decks and restaurants on the rise. Tourists can choose the route themselves or ask a professional for help, so he will definitely be able to show the most memorable places. Excursions are different, they are completely different in their length and paths along which you will have to make the route.

Climbing the mountain

There are many bays, lagoons, sea caves and grottoes on the territory. You can see the full beauty of all caves exclusively from the sea. There are very beautiful arched bridges here. Many of them have mysterious and unusual names, which are accompanied by legends.

In the park you can find 400 different types of plants, many are considered very rare, and 14 species are found exclusively in Cyprus. There is a mysterious sandy beach on the very edge of the tourist area. The beach is located in a quiet bay near the mountains, which are overgrown with small pine trees. There is a din restaurant on the beach. The menu of which pleases tourists with a variety of dishes.

Excursions to Mount Olympus
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