Travel from Larnaca to Paphos

Larnaca is the main tourist gateway to Cyprus. This city is home to the country’s main international airport, receiving up to 7.5 million tourists annually. The airport receives a large number of flights every day. You can fly from Moscow alone to Cyprus at least once a day.

Paphos is the second most important airport in the republic. And although it is less popular with tourists, and receives mainly charter flights, it does not become less significant for this.

Distance between Larnaca and Paphos – 133 kilometers. You can cover this path by bus in about 2.5 hours. However, it should be borne in mind that there is no direct bus from Larnaca airport to Paphos, and from the city itself an intercity bus runs only a few times a day.

Taxi Larnaca-Paphos

Taxi is a convenient and simple solution for a tourist. By car, you can reach Paphos in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is much faster than a bus, and you can leave immediately from the airport parking lot, without wasting time looking for a bus stop and a trip to the center.

You can take a taxi directly from the airport parking lot on the ground floor or call it. If you choose the first option, it should be borne in mind that taxi drivers working “from the curb” do not always have a license, which means that there may be no taximeters in their cars. In such taxis, prices do not always correspond to reality, so we still recommend using the services of trusted carriers. Better to book a transfer in advance with the “Olimp” company. When ordering a transfer, the driver will not only be waiting for you at the airport when the plane lands, but will also meet you with a nameplate.

Taxi Larnaca-Paphos

Advantages of a taxi "Olimp" over a regular taxi

  • Our company is licensed to carry passengers. This means that during the trip, your life is insured.
  • Taxi drivers “Olimp” have extensive driving experience, are extremely attentive and responsible on the roads.
  • Managers and drivers speak equally flawlessly English and Russian. With us you can be sure that you will speak with the driver in a language you understand.
  • When ordering a taxi from Larnaca Airport to Paphos, our driver can accompany you throughout the day, especially if you have more than one planned trip in Cyprus.
  • A large fleet of vehicles with cars for every taste and size.
  • No prepayment when ordering a transfer. You pay only after the driver takes you to your destination.

How to book a taxi from Larnaca to Paphos. Trip price

Taxi “Olimp” is a licensed carrier, so you can be sure of the honesty and transparency of the company. Each car is equipped with a taximeter, which the driver turns on after getting into the car. If you want to find out right now how much a taxi Larnaca-Paphos costs, you can familiarize yourself with the price list on the website, where prices for the main routes are presented. After payment, the passenger receives a receipt with the amount, which will also include the driver’s name and vehicle registration number. Such detailed information will not only protect you from fraud, but will also allow you to quickly find a driver if you have forgotten something in the car.

You can order a taxi by phone or use Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp messengers. You can book a transfer or individual escort through the feedback form on the website. In this case, the following information must be indicated in the comment:

  • Name, surname
  • Contact Number
  • Date and time when you need transfer
  • Flight number, airport
  • Number of passengers, including children
  • The destination

It is better to book transfers and individual escort in advance, in order to avoid the lack of free cars for the selected date and time.

All taxi services

All taxi services "Olimp"

  • Transfers

The driver will meet you at the airport with a sign and take you to any corner of Cyprus. It is convenient and fast, no need to look for a taxi rank or a bus stop. The car will already be waiting for you when the plane lands.

  • Taxi

Taxi “Olimp” has an official license. We provide taxi services all over Cyprus, wherever you are. Our service works around the clock.

  • Excursions

We can be entrusted with the organization of the excursion program. We will select the best route for you, covering the maximum of interesting places and striking sights.

  • Personal driver

Regardless of whether you are on vacation or on business, the “Olimp” company will arrange personal escort according to your requirements. A large fleet of vehicles allows you to choose a car of any class, and experienced drivers will organize a comfortable and fast road.

  • Wedding cortege

Wedding ceremony in Cyprus, what could be more romantic? After all, according to legend, it was on the coast of the island of Cyprus that the goddess of love and beauty, the patroness of lovers, the beautiful Aphrodite was born. The company “Olimp” will help to organize the best transport escort not only for newlyweds, but also for guests.

The cost of travel
  • Night price € 120
  • Night price € 95
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