How to book a transfer in a taxi

Larnaca Airport is located in the city of the same name, just 6.5 kilometers from the center. It is the main international airport in Cyprus, receiving about 7 million passengers a year. Larnaca was erected in 1974 to replace the air gate in Nicosia, which at that time was captured by the Turks. Today it is a modern airport, which has everything necessary for a comfortable stay of tourists: a cafe, a restaurant, a bank branch, souvenir shops and a Duty Free zone.

Larnaca city

Tourists to Cyprus most often come for the sea and the sun. Popular resorts are Ayia Napa, Limassol. Cities like Larnaca are often underestimated. However, there are also many vacationers here, especially families with children because of the sandy beaches and shallower sea. It is impossible not to mention that Larnaca is one of the most ancient cities in Cyprus, which means that lovers of antiquities and historical places will definitely not get bored here.

How to leave Larnaca

How to leave Larnaca

  • Bus

You can leave the airport and city center by public transport. At the same time, shuttle buses do not go in all directions directly from the airport. In most cases, you will first need to get to the city center, and from there take an intercity bus to the village you need to get to.

  • Taxi

A more convenient, but still not the most perfect, way to leave is by taking a taxi from Larnaca Airport, whose parking is located on the ground floor. It should be borne in mind that a taxi “from the curb” does not always have a license to carry passengers, and it is simply impossible to predict the price. The cost of a taxi in Larnaca depends on many factors: the season, the popularity of the route, its distance and the driver’s appetite.

  • Transfer

The best option for a foreign tourist is to order a transfer from the “Olimp” company. This method of travel has many advantages in contrast to the “curb” taxi. First of all, this is the presence of a license, which guarantees the professionalism of drivers, the presence of a navigator and a meter in the car. The car can be ordered in advance, and the driver will meet you at the passport control area with a nameplate.

Why taxi "Olimp"

  • We offer a Russian taxi in Larnaca, which means that you will be spoken to in your native language.
  • Taxi drivers “Olimp” are professionals in their field, drivers with extensive driving experience, accurate and extremely attentive on the roads.
  • “Olimp” is a licensed taxi. This means that we have a lane permit for public transport. This greatly reduces the likelihood of getting stuck in a traffic jam.
  • The cost of transfers by the company “Olimp” does not differ from the rates of the “curb taxi”. In this case, the transfer can be ordered in advance and not waste time looking for transport at the airport.
  • You can order a taxi in Cyprus from Larnaca Airport to anywhere on the island in a matter of minutes, having the Internet at hand.
  • A simple checkout system that is accessible even to a child.
  • Transparent pricing policy. The price list with the rates is freely available on the website in the “Tariffs” section.
  • Individual approach to each client.
Why Taxi Olimp

How to book a transfer from the airport to taxi "Olimp"

The “Olimp” company values its time and yours. The ordering system has the simplest possible algorithm. The most convenient way to place an order is to create an application on the website using the feedback form. In the near future, after sending an application for processing, our manager will contact you to discuss the details and car reservation. The car can also be ordered by the phone number on the website, or through the telephone services Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp.

When filling out the form, you must provide the following information:

  • The date and time for which the transfer is needed
  • Amount of passengers including adults and children
  • Name of the airport and number of the flight
  • Your name and surname
  • Destination address
  • Contact phone number for communication.

Service cost and payment

Price is the first thing that interests the client when ordering a transfer. To save our time and yours, we have posted the prices for transfers in the main directions on the website in the section “rates”. We have no prepayment. Payment is made only after the trip, which is a guarantee of your financial security. We want you to trust us.

Transfer is a service for those who love comfort and do not want to risk their own mood on the very first day in Cyprus. Choosing a transfer, you can be sure of the professionalism of the driver, the quality and serviceability of the car and your own safety. The transfer price is always fixed. When you get on the road, you will know how much your travel expenses will cost, regardless of the circumstances.

"Taxi Olimp" is your reliable assistant in getting around Cyprus

Today the company “Olimp” offers the most complete list of services for tourists from abroad. When ordering a transfer, you can be sure of our professionalism and high level of service.

Our drivers know the roads perfectly, and each car is equipped with a navigator and a meter. And knowledge of Russian is an additional guarantee of a comfortable trip for you. In addition, we have permission to move along the lane for public transport, which means we can deliver you anywhere in Cyprus as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, leave a request for a call back on the website, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The cost of travel




  • Price at night € 50
Routes from Larnaca
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