Taxi in Paphos from the airport

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Stretching between the sea coast and the majestic mountains, Paphos is primarily known as the birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite. There is even a monument on the coast indicating the “birthplace” of the goddess made of sea foam. But it’s not just the monument that makes Paphos so popular. Like most of the large settlements in Cyprus, Paphos is an ancient city. Ancient temples, museums of antiquities are abundant here. No one will argue that even the most demanding tourist has something to profit from here.

Alas, Paphos is not a resort for the poor. It can rightfully be called elite. The most fashionable hotels and chic restaurants are located here. The lover of luxury and refined relaxation will definitely like it.

Transport in Paphos

Paphos is a large city and a popular resort. The second most important airport in the country is located here. The bus service is well developed here. Buses run through popular attractions, main beaches, and on intercity routes you can reach Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Coral Bay and other cities in Cyprus.

As for a rented car, there is no point in renting a car in Paphos if you are not planning a trip to other cities. There are plenty of buses in Paphos itself. If there is a need to get somewhere quickly by car, you can always take a taxi, which in Cyprus is distinguished by a high quality of service.

Transport in Paphos

Paphos - a resort for wealthy tourists

Paphos Airport accepts charter and regular flights. Although this terminal is not very popular among Russian tourists, like the resort as a whole. And our company is trying to provide them with a “Russian taxi” in Paphos. Our company offers affordable prices and convenient service.

“Taxi Olimp” is one of the licensed carriers, the quality of whose services has already been convinced by hundreds of Russian tourists and not only. Unlike a “curb” taxi, a licensed taxi is always served by professional drivers with extensive experience. Cars in this service are always new, equipped with everything you need: navigators, taximeters, air conditioners, etc.

It is rare to travel by taxi in Paphos, as comfortable buses run around the city. It is rare to travel by taxi in Paphos, as comfortable buses run around the city. In addition, Paphos is a city teeming with sights. Many tourists vacationing in other resorts of the island do not miss the opportunity to see the Motherland of Aphrodite and very often choose a taxi as a transport.

Advantages of "Taxi Olimp" over competitors

  • We are a licensed taxi. The best cars and high-class drivers are waiting for you. In addition, in a taxi licensed to carry passengers, your life is insured.
  • Taxi drivers “Olimp” speak English and Russian equally well. With us you will feel confident and will be able to communicate with the driver in your native language.
  • The company’s vehicle fleet has a wide variety of cars from economy options to S-class.
  • The company provides an expanded range of services, including transfers, wedding corteges, organization of individual excursions and much more.
  • You can order a car in any way: via the Internet, by phone or using one of the popular instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook)
  • We have no prepayment. To order a transfer, you just need to contact us. Payment for services – only after the trip.
  • We work on a 24/7 system without breaks and days off. Our clients can place an order around the clock.
  • We have permission to travel on the road lane for public transport, which means we can guarantee the absence of traffic jams. Taxi “Olimp” will take you anywhere in Cyprus as quickly as possible.
Advantages of

How to order a car in a taxi "Olimp"

“Taxi Olimp” offers an extended range of transport services. Transfers and taxis of our company are the most popular. We did our best to ensure that the ordering procedure did not cause difficulties for customers, was as simple and accessible as possible.

You can book a transfer by phone or using the feedback form on the company’s website. You need to fill in the form fields, indicating the basic information in the comment:

  • Name, surname
  • Date and time when you need transfer
  • Airplane and flight number
  • Number of passengers
  • Where will you go

We track flights ourselves, so we know in advance about delays and other unforeseen situations beyond your control. This means that in the event of a flight delay, you will not have to pay extra for a car idle.

Payment methods and taxi fares

Taxi “Olimp” adheres to the minimum prices for services. The cost of transfers in our company starts from 20 euros. Whereas many competitors have transfer prices starting at 30 euros.

On the company’s website, you can find prices for popular transfers. We adhere to a transparent pricing policy and value the client’s time. We adhere to a transparent pricing policy and value the client’s time. You can see all the prices right now on your own.

As for the cost of a taxi in Paphos, payment is made by meter. Taximeters are installed in all of our cars, which guarantees the integrity of the drivers. After the trip, a payment receipt is issued with the amount and date of the trip. The receipt will also include the vehicle registration number and the driver’s name. This will allow you to always quickly find the car in which you were traveling through the Call Center, if, for example, you forgot something in the car.

The cost of travel




  • Price at night € 50
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