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It’s hard to believe, but half a century ago Protaras was a busy wilderness, where there were only solid fig groves and rare houses. For a long time, this magical place was unfamiliar to a tourist. Today Protaras is a kind of alternative to Ayia Napa. Here are the same white sandy beaches, blue clear water. At the same time, Protaras can rather be called a family resort, for children and people who prefer peace and quiet to clubs and restaurants.

Today’s Protaras is successfully and rapidly developing the tourism branch of the business. Every year there are more and more tourists here, and its beaches cannot be called completely quiet and uncrowded. Nevertheless, the rest here is budgetary and calm in comparison with the popular resorts of Cyprus and has its own audience of admirers.

Taxi in Cyprus to Protaras

Residents of Protaras, and vacationers, rarely use public transport here. The town is so small that the beaches, shops and the promenade are within walking distance. Taxis are more popular with tourists, especially airport transfers. Getting to Protaras by taxi from the airport is the fastest and most convenient way. There are no direct bus routes from there, and few people want to spend 1.5-2 hours on the road to the hotel, when a taxi will take off with comfort and a breeze in just 40 minutes.

“Taxi Olimp” operates in all cities of Cyprus, including Protaras. We are licensed to carry passengers and a lane permit for buses. Our drivers are always polite and friendly, have extensive driving experience and, moreover, speak fluent Russian.


The advantages of our taxi

  • Availability of a license for the carriage of passengers.
  • Insurance is included in the fare. While you are on the road, your life is insured.
  • All cars are new and undergo regular technical control.
  • Professional drivers who understand their responsibility for the lives of passengers.
  • The “Taxi Olimp” company is focused on tourists from the CIS countries. All operators and drivers are fluent in Russian, which eliminates the likelihood of a language barrier when working with us.
  • Wide range of services. In addition to taxis, you can order transfers, escort of a personal driver, wedding processions, excursions and much more.
  • The prices for the services of our company are much lower than those of many competitors.
  • Possibility to order a car in advance.

How to order a taxi "Olimp"

We do not make life difficult for our clients. On the contrary, we strive to reduce the waste of your time on such trifles as ordering a taxi or transfer. You can book a car in any of the following ways:

  • Feedback form on the site
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Messengers Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype.

It is better to book transfers, excursions and personal driver services in advance. These types of services require preparation, and during the high season there may be no free cars.

When ordering, you must also specify:

  • Your first and last name
  • Contact Number
  • Date and time when you need transfer
  • Airport, flight number
  • Number of passengers
  • Destination address
Protaras - a resort for a relaxed holidaymaker

How much does a taxi cost in Protaras

Depending on the selected type of service, taxi or transfer, its cost will also depend. Actual prices for transfers are available on our website in the “Tariffs” section. Taxi payment is carried out by the meter according to the standard tariffication. After the trip, the driver issues a check, which indicates the amount and date of the trip.

It is also worth noting that when booking services such as transfers, excursions and personalized assistance, you do not pay anything in advance. We do not require prepayment from clients, which means that you can be sure of your financial security and our honesty.

The cost of travel




  • Price at night € 50
Excursions from Protaras
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